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Don't get your News Fix without FixNews!

FixNews is add-on software for Netscape Navigator 3 and 4.

FixNews works in conjunction with the newsreader, and provides the ability to "killfile", i.e. to filter articles based upon the subject and/or author.  Wildcard support is included.

FixNews works on Windows/95/98, Windows/NT 4+ and Windows 2000.

The add-on is available from a hot-key. By default, the hot-key is set to Control/K. By pressing the hot-key from any window in the browser (typically the news windows,) the add-on interface can be accessed.

FixNews does not work with Microsoft Internet Explorer. It also does not support old-style or secure news-servers.

FixNews works with Netscape 3.x and 4.x versions.

FixNews is freeware.

To download FixNews, please proceed to the FixNews download page.