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Winductor for Windows automation
With Winductor, Windows software programs can be automated via simulated input (e.g. by simulating a click of a mouse or the typing of some characters.) Winductor can also be used to access COM and DDE Automation features supported by some software programs.

From setting up a hot key to insert a signature line, to automatic generation of C++ files that depend upon database contents, Winductor can be used for a wide variety of tasks.

Winductor also includes a Script Wizard that can be used to monitor user action, and start a script that can be further edited and customized.

Sample scripts demonstrating how to automate popular software programs (such as Microsoft Excel, Netscape Navigator and Visual Studio) are included.

Some Winductor automation features are:

A sample script may be viewed at this site. Download the free trial copy to view other scripts and to learn more about Winductor.